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Hosting comparison between Magento enterprise and Shopify Plus

There are two hosting options for Magento enterprise which includes Magento Commerce cloud and Magento Commerce. Magento Commerce Cloud consists of the direct hosting with Magento while Magento Commerce gives retailers the freedom to choose their own hosting partner to work directly with. On the other hand, Shopify Plus offers retailers hosting.

Hosting on Shopify Plus

If you’re a retailer looking for the cheapest hosting option, then we recommend Shopify Plus because they charge a monthly fee of $2000 and you won’t have to worry about PCI compliance, downtime, Security patches, and SSL certificates.

Magento Commerce Cloud Hosting

This is one of the two hosting options offered by Magento. This hosting package is similar to that of Shopify Plus hosting. However, this package is more expensive than Shopify Plus hosting. The lowest you can pay on Magento Commerce Cloud Hosting is $3333 for both license and hosting combined.

Third party hosting on Magento

It is crucial for users to have a close relationship with their hosting specialist. Some retailers prefer this option on Magento enterprise because it is more flexible and they gain full control. Your hosting provider will bill you separately, and on average you expect to be billed a monthly cost of around $1000. If you have a larger site that brings in a lot of revenue then this option is the best for you because the larger the site, the cheaper it is to host on Magento enterprise using a third party.


Support is a critical consideration for online services. You can get a 24/7 customer support on Shopify Plus. You can also get the needed help from knowledgebase and community forums without contacting a customer care representative on Shopify Plus.

Magento enterprise, on the other hand, relies on paid support via a dedicated developer and community forums to provide support to the customer. The best way you can have the best practice on your site with Magento is to find an experienced and reliable developer.


We cannot tell you the better hosting platform between Magento and Shopify Plus. It depends on what you wish to achieve. If you want basic functionality that you can manage with little training then you should go for Shopify, but if you’re going to grow your business and require numerous features with customized functionality, then we suggest you go for Magento.