Why you need to migrate to Shopify Plus instead of Magento Enterprise

Do you know that most enterprises are switching from Magento to Shopify Plus? This is because even though Shopify Plus hasn’t been around for a long time, it has succeeded in surpassing various other Ecommerce platforms to become the most sought-after Ecommerce platform.

When you conduct an Ecommerce platform comparison of the two, you will also realize that Shopify Plus is the better option. Here is why you must migrate to Shopify Plus if you are using Magento Enterprise.

Site Security plus dedicated hosting

While Shopify Plus delivered site security and dedicated hosting within its package, Magento does not. In Magento’s annual fee, the price of hosting is not including. You have to invest in your own hosting solution which can cost up to $4500 monthly. Additionally, Magento’s platform is quite heavy and hence requires multiple resources to achieve optimization. When you add this to the fact that you have to bear the responsibility of PCI compliance in case of Magento, it is easy to see that the platform lacks in these aspects.

When it comes to Shopify, everything is given to you on a plate. You get hosting service within your package. Each website which uses the Ecommerce platform is delivered with level 1 PCI compliance. To ensure that their security is up to date, this best Ecommerce platform also conducts annual security assessments and checks.

Ease of third-party integration

No one can deny that Magento offers one of the best extension marketplaces when it comes to Ecommerce platforms. This is why online stores that are built on Magento are highly customized. However, at the same time, integrating these third-party extensions and apps onto the solution can be a hassle. This is because doing the coding and getting it all to run takes a lot of time. This is where Shopify Plus beats Magento. Since it is easier to set up and integrate with third-party apps, a lot of users find it a much better option even though it may not offer as many extensions as Magento does.


To say that Magento is not a good Ecommerce platform would be unfair. However, it is also important to note that in various aspects Shopify Plus outstrips the experience delivered by Magento. This is why many are migrating to Shopify. This is why you should too.